Tuesday, February 24, 2015

My New 2015 Oliver Legacy Elite II

On Saturday, February 21, I picked up my new Oliver (hull # 69) from the factory in Hohenwald, Tennessee. I was scheduled to pick her up the previous Tuesday, but the severe ice storms that moved thru the state prevented travel. Traveling up Saturday was a real struggle and I wouldn't have made it without 4 wheel drive. With all the wrecks, the 6 hour trip turned into 10 hours.

When I arrived, Robert Partee was waiting on me and went over all the systems and, finding everything in order, I headed back home to South Carolina. I went a more southern route on the way back, heading south to Birmingham, then thru Atlanta, and then on to home.

That was the plan anyways, as I was starting to fall asleep around 1:30 AM. Since I have been up since 3:30 the previous morning, I was dog tired! I pulled into the South Carolina Welcome Center, turned on the furnace and went to sleep. With the insulation, double wall, thermo-pane windows, you could barely hear the 18-wheelers idling. The furnace is so quiet, it was more like white noise covering the commotion outside. I slept like the dead and didn't awake until 8 AM.

The whole way back from Tennessee was a torrential downpour. The Oliver towed like a dream. Passing trucks were a non-event with no noticeable push, pull or buffetting. With the big 16" wheels and LT truck tires, the shock absorbers, good weight distribution and aerodynamic shape, she was smooth as silk and tracked true. Unless the roadway was extremely rough, you could not feel that anything was attached to the truck. Sunday I spend the day tinkering with things, loading some gear, and giving her a thorough bath. 

Cleaned and all shined up, note full cover for LP tanks and power jack.  You can barely see my optional 320 watts of solar and optional powered TV antenna up top.

Note the optional second Fiamma metal enclosed street side awning (same on curb side) and all exterior lights are LED.  Notice the stripe colors of silver and red - on an Oliver, you select the colors you want.
Rear view - note the large bumper storage area, full size spare tire under cover
The sewer connection is inside the bumper storage, with ample space for storing sewer hose
There is 18" deep x 4" high storage for hoses
The bumper is held in place by these heavy latch pins
I wish you could feel how heavy this bumper is - all aluminum
All these stainless fittings are like jewelry.  This is the ketch to hold the door open.  Most RV's this is plastic.
16" Aluminum Wheels, 3500 lbs axles, 4 shock absorbers and LT BF Goodrich truck tires, not trailer tires.
Dry weight with options 5240 lbs - total GVWR is 7000 lbs
That leaves 1760 lbs for gear, supplies and tankage.
Outside storage compartment.  It's a bit over 14" high, but runs 4 to 5 feet deep.  Note the door above for inside access.
Also behind this door are the tank drains, shower with hot and cold water, and at the top, the control switches for the power leveling jacks.
Note this insulated door is secured by a stainless marine latch, with a lock (keyhole).  There are only 2 keys for the trailer - one that fits both locks in the front door, and one for this outside storage bay and the battery bay.
Two powered leveling jacks.  They are strong enough to lift the entire trailer off the ground so you can change tires.
Optional 4 Trojan brand 6 volt AGM batteries.  400 amp-hours. Slide out tray is standard.
Note the heavy gauge cabling.  These batteries weigh 300 lbs!  Tray is rock solid, smooth acting.
Shore power connector, 30 amp.  Twist lock door and twist lock Furrion cable with polarity light.
Standard power tongue jack and optional generator power connector.  Transfer switch automatically senses if shore power or generator is connected.  Fitting cover is twist lock, as well as cable connector.
Cover removed to expose optional twin 30 lb LP tanks (standard is twin 20's).  Note regulator valve is auto-switching standard.  Cover is light, but strongly anchored. Weighs less than 10 lbs.
There is some storage space inside the LP locker.  I may secure my fold-up aluminum ladder in here.
More exterior jewelry.  Stainless door latch with lock and deadbolt (keyed the same) and stainless grab handle.
I am really impressed with this aluminum double step.  Note the very heavy aluminum plate and built in non-slip surface.  It doesn't flex at all with my 200 lbs on it.
This is the connection for the winterization system, located below curb side tail light.
These are the connections for the fresh water tank and city water, located street-side below storage bay.
This is the black tank flush connection, located streetside below the bathroom.
Here you can see the 3500 lb axles, the Monroe shocks as the electric brakes on each wheel.   Also note the bottom side of the fiberglass hull and the aluminum chassis stringers.

Let's go inside!  (All these photos were taken with a wide-angle lens).

Interior jewelry started with stainless interior latch and ketch.  Screen door has easy slide access port.  Main door has frosted window.
Another stainless grab handle.
Large closet with cubby for fire extinguisher.  Note they mounted the rods for the exterior awnings conveniently in the corner by the door.
Deep closet with 2 shelves and hanging rod.  Easily will hold several weeks worth of clothes.
About 14" from door opening to bottom.  Note floor has rubber mat bottom.
Over 30" deep.
Bathroom vanity with built in storage.  On left you can barely see the waterproof toilet paper holder.
Standard towel holder and storage above commode.  The window is dual pane, as all the windows are.
Storage cabinet is large enough for supplies.  Note that it's LED lighted, as all the storage cabinets are, standard.
The faucet doubles as the shower head. Handle has built-in shutoff.  Note the stainless hook, and up top a ventilator.  The shower head/sink faucet is heavy stainless - it must weigh 2 lbs by itself.
Wide shot of the main cabin.  The counter tops are optional Baltic Fibergranite.  The flooring is Goliath Aspen and the cushion fabric is Tumbleweed.  On Oliver, you select all these finishes.  You can optionally provide your own fabric.  The comforter is something I had on hand and will probably change out soon.
Another wide shot of the cabin.  Note the standard day-night shades, standard mirrored cabinet doors.  TV is standard 24" 1080P LED, native 12 volt, on a locking, articulated bracket.

The dinette can hold down into a bed.  There is some storage under the seat on the right.

I had the standard twin bed layout changed to have a sofa on one side, bed on the other.

The mattress is an upgraded residential style memory foam.  It's amazingly comfortable.

The night stand has a deep drawer.  It's a self-closing guide, as all the drawers are.

This is probably the best color representation of the counters.  The are beautifully shiny.

Standard Furrion Stereo with DVD and Bluetooth.

Controls - From right to left - inverter on/off switch, Solar control, tank levels and pumps switches.  The solar charging system is optional, as is the 2000 watt pure sine wave inverter.  The inverter powers all the outlets plus the microwave, but not the roof A/C.

Close-up of the Blue Sky solar controller

Large pantry cabinet.  Put objects in to get a sense of scale.  No problem holding several week's worth of dry goods.

Optional LED reading lights - comes in a package of four - one over each seat at the dinette, one over the bed, and one over the sofa.  You push in the lens to turn on and off.

Day-Night shade.  Up top is antenna for interior cellular booster.

Switches for Optional WiFi Booster and Cellular Amplifier.

Cabinets have access ports in case you need to reach wiring, etc.

More interior jewelry.  Second hook.

Second lighting panel, mainly outside lights.  Also switch for refrigerator ventilator.  This greatly improves absorption refrigerator performance in the sweltering heat we have down South in the summer.

Master interior lighting panel.  Note master switch for interior cabinet lighting.

Bar-style stainless sink with high rise faucet.  Note a Camco RV dish drainer fits perfectly in the sink.

Large two burner LP stove top with glass cover.  Piezo electric starter - no matches required.

Standard digital thermostat to control LP furnace, AC Unit and AC Unit Heat Strip

Large 1000 watt microwave.  Not convection.

5 cu. ft. Dometic 3-way fridge.  Separate freezer section.

Six large drawers, self closing.

Partially open

Fully open.  Note the center drawers are deeper.

MaxxAir automatic vent fan with digital remote and exterior cover
Now for inside the cabinets and under the seating!

Dish storage above the kitchen counter.  Note the lighting.

Cabinet over sofa

Cabinet over dinette.  Note the WiFi ranger box in the corner.

Second cabinet over dinette.  Note Cellular amplifier mounted in the corner.

Cabinet at rear of trailer.  Wired as a media cabinet.  Looks a rat nest that I need to clean up.
  Note there is plenty of space for my Dish decoder, plus a Blu-ray
 player and perhaps additional components or to store DVD's.

This is under the dinette seat.  The transfer switch and the main sewer piping can be seen.

It's fairly deep at 17".  You could put some soft goods here.

This is the access under the sofa to the outside storage compartment.  To the left it goes under the night stand.

This is the other access door under the sofa.  These are the solar charger, and cutoff switches for 12v power and the solar system.  To the left the black object is the top of the leveling jack mechanism.

Under the bed are two access doors.  The one over the furnace is bolted shut so you are not temped to store any items there.  The access door under one of the dinette seats is also bolted down - that is where the fuse panel and inverter are mounted.

This is the other access.  It's the bypass system for the winterization, as well as the heating ducts.  To the right is the other leveling jack mechanism and the water heater.  Note the brass valves.  What other RV maker does this?
That's it.  Impressed?  I'm very happy with it and can see getting many years of good service out of it.


  1. Great write up, Oliver builds a quality product and I love their attention to detail. Will you be attending the Tennessee rally in April, I'd like to tour your unit.

    1. Thanks! No plans as of yet, but I'll look into working it into my schedule.

    2. How well has the solar performed?

  2. VERY impressed. Great write-up and pictures.

    How deep is your mattress? When we were at the factory last week there were four different depth options. My concern in getting something too deep/high is being too close to the windows. I would hate to hit them in my sleep.

    Also, was the bathroom mirror and coat hook an add-on? We're still in the planning stages, although we do have a June 3 delivery date. I hope you share your experiences either here or on FGRV.

    1. It looks to be 8" deep to me. I had no issues with touching against the windows surrounds.

      The mirror and hooks are standard. Other than the options off the list on their website, the only thing I changed was to have the sofa.

  3. Thanks for the awesome pics and write up Ron..
    It was very helpful. Happy work space..

  4. Nice. Great info. Appreciate it, so should Oliver!

  5. Love it. Keep us posted on how well it works out for you. Keep taking pictures.

  6. That's exactly the unit I'm drooling over! Would you mind sharing the out-the-door price? Also, what are you pulling it with?

  7. I'm pulling it with a Silverado 2500 HD. I had this truck before I ordered this trailer.

    Oliver builds each trailer to order and charges thier list prices without much in the way of discounting as you'd see with traditional trailers. They start at $41k and go up from their based on the options you select.

  8. Thanks!

    I'd have to get a tow vehicle...probably I'll go for a cargo van.

    BTW, I saw an 11 year old 17' Casita yesterday....did not like it. Well...I liked ONE thing about it; the push button cabinet closings. But the unit smelled moldy...especially in the bath. And they still had a $16K price tag on it!

    Keep us posted as to your experiences with the Ollie!

  9. The Oliver is truly the Lamborghini of fiberglass trailers. I hope their claim about 4 seasons is correct - especially with regard to condensation. We had a 19 ft Escape and were caught in a blizzard in Utah. We paid extra for dual pane windows and the insulation package, plus extra for the under-coach foam spray and tank heating pads.
    In spite of these extras (about $2,000 or so added expense), the coach struggled to keep warm. Even with a dehumidifier blasting, there were BUCKETS of water pouring down the interior walls in condensation. We got through it ok, but it was not pleasant.
    The Oliver would be our first choice if we wanted another replacement. We are looking seriously at getting one soon.
    Thanks for the post!

    1. Actually it's more like the Rolls Royce - Lambos are not exactly reliable or durable. The Oliver certainly is. I haven't noticed any condensation - I leave the bathroom vent cracked if I'm running the heat.

  10. If you were to "full-time for 4-5 months, which would you prefer? The Oliver or the Travato?

  11. Well, that depends. If the plan was to travel around and move alot, I'd definitely take the van. If I was going somewhere to set for several months, I'd take the trailer.

  12. Wondering if you have any history on the effects of the extra awning keeping the trailer cool. We have a del date of Dec 16 this year and are considering the extra awning for that reason.
    Any feedback appreciated

    Grayson and Ann Cook

    1. Yes. You can roll it out just a bit and shade the windows. Found that can go a long way to keeping the interior cool. You just need to be careful though, as the legs can bind up and get damaged.

  13. I don't know if you received my comment from over the week-end. I was wondering if you still have the Oliver? I haven't seen any activity since the middle of June. I know that the Travato seems to be the favorite child :)

    1. Sorry, I did not respond sooner. Yes, I still have my Oliver - I use it as lodgings during the week while I'm on a project. There really is nothing to report - I haven't really done any mods worth talking about, as everything is fairly perfect. I did have an incident where I bumped the off switch on the refrigerator and lost all my contents over a weekend. I am planning a trip back to the factory to get their mod for the leveling jacks, I might get a few additional items while I'm there.

    2. Enjoyed the article. The Oliver 2 seems quite nice. The price is fair. Options I would add are 5,000 Watt Inverter, a Convection Microwave and a small Induction Cooktop to replace the LP top ... if possible. No Oven needed.

  14. Thanks for sharing! I loved your YouTube video and ran across your blog while looking a little deeper into Olivers. The way you set up your rig is perfect, though my wife and I would opt for the larger bed layout. The jury is out on the satellite dish, since we watch Netflix, etc. and don't use satellite TV anymore. Still, it might be nice when the rain keeps us cooped of for awhile... though our satellite tended to go out during heavy rains. In any case you definitely sold me on the Oliver trailers! Safe travels and may you have many years of joy with it.

  15. Saw your video. I am considering one. Maybe in 2018. I would ask for Lithium-ion batteries and a convection oven though. Also the other floor plan.

    1. Convection oven is not possible as the space requirements. Maybe they will have a lithium option by 2018, don't know. It would require a compatible solar controller as well as 110v charger.

  16. Time marches on. The possibilities are endless.

  17. very nice trailer design..nice to see some mfg has put some thought into a design with very few gottcha's. The other good news is the 2016 version has dumped that noise maker Mach 8 AC for the quieter Domitec AC. Only other thing that looks somewhat iffy is the small u shaped aluminum mounts welded to the frame for the leaf springs. Wish these were a bit longer and more substantial although the shocks and springs should take some torsion and shocks off those welds. Maybe 2016 or 17 will be the year and impressed with Oliver desire to make a great trailer rather than another rotten egg!

  18. Who installed your fresh, gray, and black tank heaters (AC & DC POWER sources) with switches in entry-way closet. Was there any problem with accessing the bottoms of the these tanks?

  19. Great looking trailer inside and out but no convection microwave, deal buster for me.